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Hi. My name is Nancy Pugh. I am an RN, with a Master's in Clinical Social Work. I worked in those fields for more than 20 years. My Shaklee journey is the convergence of 2 interests of mine - one which began in my late 20's when my children were small. The other began in my mid-50's.

When my oldest son was 2 ½, he had some breathing problems. It seriously alarmed me. I began what became a life-long interest in not using toxic products in my home, and in using nutrition to promote and protect our health. I began reading & studying. I read Adelle Davis. Her books Let's Get Well, and Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit - were my introductions to the world of wellness from a preventive perspective.

When I was in my mid-fifties, I began looking at how money works. I read. I helped start an investment club. I learned about paper assets. We had investments, but I didn't really understand how the economy works.

I had discovered Shaklee products in October, 1992. I had continued to read & study about supplements, and was truly astonished when I started a basic Shaklee nutrition program that Fall.
At age 49, I had been experiencing a number of warning signs & was on 5 different medications - blood pressure creeping up, frequent flu & viruses, frequent headaches & sinus infections, bronchitis every Fall, allergies worsening, abnormal pap smears, frequent bladder infections, and mood instability related to menopause. As I continued to use the Shaklee supplements including soy protein every day, all of these things began to disappear. My husband, who is an M.D., noticed my health was improving and he began to use the supplements as well. I gradually switched over to using Shaklee products throughout our home.* See below for Ordering Products, no obligations, no strings Smile

I started my Shaklee business in late 1997. I had not realized until my study of how money works, how valuable an asset I had with Shaklee. When Roger Barnett purchased the company in May, 2004, my confidence in what I was doing took a huge leap. With his vision and business experience, he implemented a global opportunity with Shaklee, and I jumped in immediately. I became a Global Ambassador as soon as I received the email from Shaklee that it was available.

When the GOLD Ambassador Program was unveiled in Nashville in August, 2007, I immediately purchased a Mission Kit as well; I could see that it would help people to start a business that has the potential to give them excellent immediate income, in addition to the generous long-term residual income Shaklee has always provided.

In June, 2007, I had met a young woman in an online forum related to education about wealth. I answered a question she had posted, and discovered she was in Mexico City, was bi-lingual, and was looking to create a business herself, from scratch. I introduced her to Shaklee, and she became a Distributor at the end of June, 2007. She became a Lider (Director) in August, 2007, and a Lider Mayor (Coordinator) in October, 2007. Her group sponsored 8 new Distributors in October, and already 3 more by the 6th of November.

If I had not taken advantage of the Global & then the GOLD Ambassador programs, none of this could have happened. My mission is to help thousands of people around the world have a better life. I do not believe in the philosophy of scarcity. Some of us live our lives worrying about running out of things - money, energy, time - I believe there is more than enough for everyone to live in abundance. We cannot be who we were meant to be, by living with the philosophy of "just getting by". There is more than enough for all of us. The mind - our thoughts -is what limits us. Quoting from Henry Ford, "If you think you can, or you think you can't - either way - you're right." That's powerful.

I want to end with another quote from Robert Kiyosaki I'd like to share with you - I find this to be so true as I talk with people about their opportunity to own a global business, working from home. Fear is a dominant force that keeps people from learning, and from being able to truly evaluate new information. Here's the quote - see what you think:

"Most people never get wealthy simply because they are not trained financially to recognize opportunities right in front of the m."   --Robert Kiyosaki



Smile Short video - 'Sneak-peek' at how the business works: http://bit.ly/nOxVfa




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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead